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Say hello to the best new way to share your Wattpad stories with the world!

Last week we introduced the Wattpad Story Widget, an exciting new way for you to share your Wattpad works (and for your your followers to share their favorite stories…yours!) on your blog, tumblr, or personal webpages.

What does this mean for writers? This means that if Naomi Alderman wants to share her collaborative Wattpad story with Margaret Atwood on her blog, she could post this…

Or if Paulo Coelho asks his followers to share his Wattpad “Short Stories” collection they could post the following to their personal pages:

Want to know how to embed your works on your blog, Tumblr or other websites? You can find the simple instructions here, on the Wattpad Blog.

Wattpad, and the benefits of not giving up…

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Ireland-based writer Neal Doran shares his experiences about how Wattpad kept him on track to his dreams.


My novel, Dan Taylor Is Giving Up On Women, is being published by Carina UK this September. It’s an exciting time, and one that I’m not sure would have happened without a bit of help from Wattpad.

As you might just guess from the title, the story opens with the main character, Dan, declaring that his days of dating, and trying to find the right woman are over. He isn’t really throwing in the towel, of course, because the thing is, you never declare you’re giving up on something you don’t really want to do.

Nobody ever says, ‘I’m giving up on getting fit’ after another New Year has featured a resolution to get in shape. No, instead what happens is you quietly just stop going to the gym, open the chocolate biscuits, and settle back to paying a monthly membership fee that you won’t cancel just in case you get an uncontrollable urge to do a spin class six months down the line.

A declaration of giving up is usually more a cry for a help. An admission that you can’t do something on your own, and you need someone to come in and tell you everything will be OK. While for Dan Taylor this happened with his love life, for me, I was pretty much on the point of giving up the novel Dan features in. For months, I’d been sending the manuscript to publishers and agents, and while the response wasn’t entirely negative, the view seemed to be that although it was a funny story, the market for romantic comedies written from a man’s perspective is too hard to reach.

It was then that I began to think that trying to get published can be a bit like dating. You get used to hearing ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ a lot and your confidence can take a beating. I was close to thinking there’d never be a right place for it.

But then, while in the story Dan’s best pals Hannah and Rob tried to get his love life back on track by setting him up on an internet dating website, I put the whole book on the internet at Wattpad. That was when things started changing for the better. I started getting reads, people started leaving comments and the number of votes for my chapters started going up and up and up. Dan Taylor was finding his audience, especially once it was picked up to be a Featured story. I was thrilled. I’d hoped I’d written a funny story about a decent guy in a difficult situation, and finding other people that thought so too was a brilliant feeling.

Wattpad gave me a huge boost in confidence. It was like having a friend taking you for a beer after you’d been dumped, lending an ear, and reminding you that you might still have something going for you, even if you have just been stood up for the third time in two weeks. It was time to ‘get back out there’ and I started submitting again, this time able to tell agents and publishers it wasn’t just me that thought I had something in ‘Dan Taylor’, I had thousands of reads that showed there was an audience for romantic comedies that thought so too.

So thanks to everyone at Wattpad, and the people out there who read the story. I hope you enjoy the ‘behind the scenes’ exclusive interview with Dan and his friends, which never would have been written if I had given up…

The Basics: How to create an account

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On Mobile…

When you first open the Wattpad app after downloading, it will open to the login page.  You can create a Wattpad account using your Facebook account or email & password.

Using Facebook

To create an account using Facebook, select the Login with Facebook button.  Follow the prompts given to create your account.


With Email

Select the white Sign up with Email button to begin creating your account.

Next, enter your email and create a username and password to create your account.



On the web…

Head to www.wattpad.com and click on the Join Free button at the top right of the screen.

You can create an account using Facebook or with your email and password.

Using Facebook

To create an account using Facebook, select the Sign in with Facebook button.  Follow the prompts given to finish creating your account.

Using Email

To create a new account without using Facebook, fill in the fields at the bottom of the page.  When you have provided your information, select the Sign Up button to complete the process.